5 Reasons to Try Ninja Turtle Cakes for Birthdays

Originated from Japan in 14th century, the word ‘Ninja’ means a class or group of mercenary agents in Japan who were skilled in martial arts. They were hired for covet businesses like assassination, infiltration, sabotage etc. The fun part is that ninja has become a very popular fictional and animated character in the present world. Emerged in the year 1984, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have made their way through the modern culture and they won millions of hearts with their comic strips. More recently, in 2007, the reptilian martial masters made a comeback with a new film. Due to this reason, the gang of turtles swam back to fame.

From kids to teenagers, no one will mind to mingle in a ninja themed birthday party. As we know birthday bashes are incomplete without cakes, so ninja turtle cakes will make for an amazing themed celebration.

1.     Theme birthday parties are the current trend.

Kids are fond of animated cartoon and comic strips. Although, Ninja turtles amused their fans way before pokemon or Disney Cars, but from their popularity is like Mickey Mouse which makes them eternal. Starting from caps to sneakers, the martial art artists have their presence everywhere. So bedeck birthdays with Ninja Turtle cakes and exclusive ninja decors. Let your children flow away with the “uh, mega…” vibe!

2.     If your child is a karate kid.

For karate or martial art lover, this cake is a must buy item. Kids, generally love their karate classes more than studies. Rescuing helpless people from danger and evil forces with his tremendous martial art skill is every kid’s fantasy. So, if you ask you karate kid whether or not to have a ninja birthday celebration this year, the answer will be always a yes. Pick a martial art birthday venue, a ninja party eating set, loads of balloons and at least two ninja turtle cakes, in case you fall short.

3.     Readily available in cake shops.

Beautiful designs with top quality can be found in bake shops these days. You can also order online as there are several stores available on internet who sells yummy ninja turtle cakes. There are predefined messages and color combos which you have to choose from the website. Otherwise, you also have the liberty to frame your own birthday message. With few more clicks, the nicely packed box will be delivered to your door step as per instruction.

4.     Variety of colors and flavors.

Although, green is the predominant color in ninja turtle cakes but permutation and combination always adds uniqueness. Apart from that, children love color. They will really not mind if one has yellow color among the other three turtles. There are different flavors also. Some like vanilla, some like chocolate, few crave for fruity essence and others love cheesy base. All these varieties are offered by the sellers to cater to different tastes.

5.     Fun and easy to make at home.

If you love cooking and baking then try it for yourself. No other gift could be more precious than a hand bake cake on your loved one’s birthday. Follow the regular baking procedure and to give the shape, take help of ninja cake pan. Spray the colors and extra topping at the end that your kid love and you all set to hit the deck!

Of late we have seen how these animated characters have mingled with the real world. With the advancement in animation technologies and mind sets, the craze for cartoons is rocketing day by day.

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